1. All rental customers shall complete a checkout (1 Hour Minimum) with an Aurora Aviation Flight instructor or other pre approved representative. A proficiency review of at least one hour must be completed annually to remain a valid rental customer.                                                                                 (a.) The renter pilot must present an original plastic pilot certificate, current medical certificate, current flight review endorsement entry in logbook and a non expired US drivers license or other US government issued picture ID.                                       
  2. All pilots shall operate the aircraft within the approved limitations of the aircraft and conform to all appropriate FAA regulations.
  3. Scheduling of all aircraft can be done on line @ or by contacting Aurora Aviation by phone (417)678-3000 or Toll Free (888)745-1221.
  4. Please contact Aurora Aviation as soon as possible or delete your reservation on line if you need to cancel or postpone your lesson or rental. Reservations cancelled less than 2 (two) hours in advance of the scheduled rental time or failure to show for a scheduled time will result in a $35.00 charge to be assessed.
  5. The aircraft will be made available to other renters and students fifteen (15) minutes after the reserved departure time if the scheduled renter has not arrived by that time.
  6. All flights originating or terminating between the hours of 17:00 (5 PM) and 07:00 (7AM) local Aurora, MO time shall have prior special approval from management or instructor.
  7. The price of the aircraft are wet, hobbs meter rates. All of field fuel purchase receipts must be turned in at the end of the flight to obtain fuel credit.
  8. All renters shall report any aircraft discrepancies to Aurora Aviation personnel immediately following the completion of the flight.
  9. In the event of any mechanical problems while the aircraft is off site (not at Aurora Aviation) you must contact Aurora Aviation before incurring any expense related to the problem. The renter will be responsible for any expense or repair incurred if not approved in advance.
  10. Renters will be responsible for the insurance deductible of $1500.00 in the event of an accident or incident that requires repairs to the aircraft while in the care of the renter. Aurora Aviation encourages, but does not require, a non owners (renters) insurance policy to cover any unfortunate incident should one occur.
  11. If you have not flown the aircraft you wish to rent within the preceding 120 days you may be required to complete another checkout in that make and model before your next rental.
  12. No commercial operations are allowed by rental pilots in Aurora Aviation rental aircraft. This includes but is not limited to; flight instruction, commercial photography, transportation of passengers or property for compensation, etc..
  13. All renters will keep on file with Aurora Aviation, LC current and valid credit card information. Furthermore, by the signatures below, it is agreed that any charges assessed due to the above agreement, or for rental flights where the aircraft was returned after normal business hours per item (6) can and will be charged to that credit card on file on the next business day.


I, __________________________________, have read and fully understand this document and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions as stated above.


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