Flight Training


Private Pilot Course

The following is an estimated cost breakdown for obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate to operate a single engine, land based aircraft. This is meant to be used for informational purposes only and reflects the expenses that you will most likely incur during your training process.

Every person learns at a different pace. Some will be able to train more often, and others may not have as much time for practice and study. As a general rule, the more frequently you take lessons, the sooner and less costly your license will be.


Study Material/POH $262.90  
FAA Physical Exam $175.00  
45 Hrs - C172/PA28* $4905.00 / $5355.00
35 Hrs Primary Instruction $1400.00  
12 Hrs Ground Instruction $300.00  
FAA Written Test $165.00  
FAA Oral/Practical Test $400.00  
Total Estimated Cost $7607.90 / $8057.90
*(Block rate figures have been used in these cost estimates)