Line Services


Fuel & Line Services

We at Aurora Aviation never charge for an overnight ramp tie down. Enclosed or covered overnight storage can be arranged on an as available basis.

If long term storage is required please contact us for availability and pricing.


Aircraft Type Outside Pre-Heat
Single (2/4 place) $35.00
Single (6 place) $35.00
Light Twin (4/6 place) $90.00
Medium Twins (400 series, etc) $120.00

Miscellaneous Services

Service Price
Battery Jump $25.00
Landing Fees None
Tie-Down Fees None
Lavatory Service Not Available
Exxon Elite $7.89
Aero Shell 100 $6.69
Aero Shell 100M $6.69
Aero Shell 80 $6.69
Areo Shell 80M $6.69
Aero Shell 15w50 $7.69
Aero Shell 100 Plus $6.69
Phillips X/C 20/50 $6.99